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Rope Gripper

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The " Rope Gripper™ " is a safety equipment which stops the elevator to protect accidents in advance by gripping the suspension ropes when the " Rope Gripper™ " gets an emergency signal from the elevator controller caused by electrical or mechanical malfunction. It is the most suitable Safety Brake Equipment if an ascending elevator overspeeds in up or down direction and also the elevator leaves the floor with doors opened. The " Rope Gripper™ " uses springs along a stationary cam to obtain a mechanical advantage and apply adequate pressure to the elevator suspension ropes without any damages to the traction machine, sheaves and others. This cam action causes a changing mechanical advantage and is designed to compensate for lining wear and lengthening springs, providing a constant force on the elevator ropes, even with the spring extended to less than half their original compressed value.

1) Open Position (Normal Status)

When the " Rope Gripper™ " is in its open position, the springs are fully compressed and prevented from extending by an electric solenoid trigger mechanism. When the electric solenoid is de-energized, the springs will extend forcing the movable shoe against the ropes.

2) Gripping

When an emergency condition exists (overspeed or the elevator outside of door zone with doors opened), the contact on the elevator controller will disconnect the electric solenoid releasing the trigger mechanism, to grip the suspension rope and stop the elevator. As the springs extend, the oil is forced from a cylinder into a tank allowing a smooth shock absorbing action. The contact on the " Rope Gripper™ " will open so that power to the elevator motor will be disconnected and/or remain disconnected until the " Rope Gripper™ " is once again reset.

3) Resetting

To reset the " Rope Gripper™ " after it has been set (gripping ropes), a contact on the elevator controller will close indicating all signals are normal. The pump motor will be energized along with the electric trigger solenoid. Then, a hydraulic dump valve is closed and oil will be pumped into the cylinder causing the springs to compress and move down the cam. The plunger will retract into the cylinder compressing the springs. When the " Rope Gripper™ " reaches the open ready position, a microswitch will disconnect the pump motor and the electric solenoid will keep the brake in the open position. A contact on the " Rope Gripper™ " will indicate that the elevator can run.


In the unlikely event of excessive use, the shoe lining may wear so that the shaft extends to near the end of the cam, however, a microswitch is provided which will prevent resetting of the " Rope Gripper™ " and will not allow the elevator to run until the " Rope Gripper™ " is re-adjusted. As the linings wear, the rotating shaft will go higher up the cam although the springs become weaker in this condition, the mechanical advantage becomes greater allowing a constant pressure of the linings on the ropes.

Rope Gripper
Elevator safety braking device, Rope Gripper is the most suitable independent and 2nd safety device when and ascending or descending elevator overspeeds faster than the rated speed or the elvator leaves a floor with doors opened.. This product was invented by Hollister-Whitney Elevator Corp. in the USA specialized in elevator products and equipments, and we, Gumyoung General after introduced to domestic market from 1996, by the technical collaboration agreement with Hollister-Whitney succdeed in localization, now we are in a dominant position in domestic and Hong Kong, and exporting full products to many countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and exporting localized parts to Hollister-Whitney.
By obtaining not only CSA certification in Canada, the world standard in elevator products but also CE in EU, TX in China and BEEC in Japan, its functionality and quality are assured, and now supplying to almost all major elevator makers including OTIS, KONE, Schindler, Thyssenkrupp, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Hyundai and etc.

GYG Elevator

We have been supplying full elevator sulution to overseas and domestic customersrs. With full experiences of staffs having more than 30 years in elevator field, we are providing excellent safety and efficiency to our customers. Our elevator type includes Geared, Gearless, MRL, made by state-of-the-art technology with reliability, safety and efficiency.
The new factory, now under construction have 3,600 sets capacity(in the 1st phase) with full manufacturing line and full specification Test tower.
Relating with this, we are welcoming any queries and questions relating with your building projects and also business cooperation proposal of distributorship in your countries.